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Internet publicity

We define the advertising strategy on the Internet for your company or business, we develop campaigns to achieve the objectives through advertising networks and systems that best suit their needs. In this line we manage advertising campaigns based on text ads, display banners, static or animated, we also help you manage your video campaigns.

For best results work with major advertising platforms on the market and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each client to achieve both objectives conversions or sales and branding image or to gain notoriety and become known.

Among the most common forms of online advertising, the type of cost, we have:

  • CPC: Pay per click packages, used today by most SMEs and media sites.
  • CPM: Payment per thousand impressions, today only in use in some networks referential links.
  • CPL: Pay per lead, to achieve the realization of a concrete action by users (eg registration on the web)
  • CPA: Pay per sale, which pay a commission each time a sale is made thanks to an external promoter.
SEM campaigns

Search Engine Marketing, SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing, services refer to those techniques that seek our web site or online business easier to find on the basis of strategies and techniques to help us increase our visibility on Internet search engines. For this purpose we have two options all related to SEO or organic positioning or referencing SEM marketing actions.

To achieve this goal through SEM advertising campaigns are conducted in search engines, also known as search engine campaigns sponsored links. Their advertising campaigns these search engines will be displayed in the worksheet search results whenever the term requested by a user matches a term for which you have paid to appear.

Such campaigns are based on an auction in which you will be other competitors bidding for certain words or key phrases relevant to your business. Depending on what you are willing to pay for a particular term, it will be better or worse positioned the part devoted to the links promoted in the search results, achieving a greater investment a better position and therefore more likely to be seen and get visitors to your website.

The payment system in such actions will mainly pay per click (PPC), ie you only pay if a user clicks on your ad and visits your site, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

We provide a service campaign management and optimize them to obtain the best result, making the most of their investments in search marketing thanks to the experience and knowledge of tools like Google Adwords or Overture.

Display advertising and branding

In addition to search engine advertising through services such as Google Adwords it is offered the possibility of advertising on websites and third party websites. In the case of Google is known Adsense ad network.

The operation and management of campaigns in this medium are managed through proprietary tools as in the case of SEM search engines, therefore we select and optimize our campaigns based on certain words or phrases by which we engage our target market.

Unlike SEM search engine, such campaigns can be either text type as advertisements composed images or animations, display, which will be displayed on third-party websites, making it more suitable such campaigns to achieve a part of conversions and improve performance, enhance brand or branding.

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