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SEO positioning

Having an Internet presence is useless if our target audience can not find relatively easily because of this becomes important the idea of ​​getting our website or e-shop site get an important position in search engines, main source of generating traffic to Internet websites.

When a user performs a search function makes a series of key words or phrases, for our business or project will be critical for these terms appear before the competition in search engine results, thus achieving greater success.

To achieve this goal will be a series of techniques and best practices known as Search Engine Optimization, allowing us to stand out above other websites and achieve more visits.


Create and optimize content

We created specially optimized and original content for your website to get better search results made by users in search engines. We analyze your keywords and competition offering the best option to position and reach the desired goal.

We optimize tags, text, images and content of their sites to achieve a better result in searches. We also optimize your Web to follow the standards set by the W3C and major accessibility standards, which will allow you to get better results, both in terms of search engine positioning and satisfaction of its visitors, allowing a more friendly and easy navigation .


Each time users are more demanding, especially when they use smartphones or other mobile devices to access the Internet, one of the most valued elements that a Web site loads quickly. Statistically the most demanding users expect more than 3 seconds to load a website.

To achieve capture and not lose these users is essential to optimize web pages to load as soon as possible to what is necessary for quality accommodation, well configured and adapted to the needs of each Web, but this is not enough, being necessary to optimize the code of the web page itself both on the client side (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as the generator of the web program such as a CMS.

We perform optimizations in the code of the Web needed to improve this performance and optimal configurations in Web hosting to achieve increase their visits and conversions. In addition an optimized and fast Web will be better considered by Google when it comes to achieving positioning, it is one of the key factors.


Internet is a network formed by nodes like a spider web it were. The sites are nothing more than an Internet service that behaves similarly, so it is vital that our website is known by others and by the search engines so that visitors report to us.

We provide the high service and management directories and search engines building a network of links to your site and getting website is not a tight web site. We create links both directories and general search engines such as those specific to the sector achieving optimum results for your website.

Local SEO

Configure and gestioamos its presence in Google for local businesses and get the best local positioning. Google shows targeted to the area from which users perform the búsuqedas, prioritizing local results when it comes to business circuscritos an area like restaurants, hotels, shops or any other business that offers its service in a given area results.

We take care of optimizing your site and social profiles for the best results in local searches, for best results.

Local Positioning SEO

Analytical and results orientation

We analyze detailed statistics of your site to guide the positioning of your site to achieve the target audience of your business or project to make the most of their Internet presence.

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