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Social Media Strategist

Communication over the Internet is essential as a business philosophy enabling enterprises, institutions or organizations have a first-hand contact with your customers and target audience, taking advantage of directly meet their needs and concerns.

Conduct studies to determine the most efficient strategy to start having presence in Social Media thanks to our team Social Media Strategist , characterized by the multidisciplinary knowledge of marketing techniques, advertising and corporate communications.

After determining the strategy do all kinds of actions for the creation, configuration and tuning of social profiles, as well as creating content for corporate blogs or monitoring, management and revitalization of their profiles and social communities, keeping the constant contact with its stakeholders.

Community Managers

Today, increasingly important person to person communication charges, in this context the Social Media Marketing services appear. The importance of these relationships make each time the figure of Community Manager is most needed.

Social Media Services

We offer the ability to manage all its activities in Social Media, enhancing communication one-to-one through our service Community Managers that will allow your business to have a and more direct contact with customers deal.

It is essential that the Community Manager , responsible for the online community of a business or project, and is interested to know the theme of this. We offer the possibility of having by our staff with the necessary training in social skills to support and amplify the social dissemination of your company or project, while operational guidelines be established for fluid communication with those responsible for the different departments of your company.

Social Media Analytics

We provide you with reports made available with the most modern and developed in-house to always know the extent of their actions Social Media tools.

Thus we focus on getting the results that our actions are effective to the agreement with our customers, achieving success online actions with an adequate return on investment, or getting an enhancement of the brand of our customers.

Social Media Services

Some of the Social Media services that we offer your company, organization or institution are:

  • Creation and revitalization of communities of users.
  • Penetration and action plans on social networks.
  • Community allocation of corporate Managers.
  • Creating and managing content for blogs or forums.
  • Account Management Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Google + ...)
  • Activity reports and impact of social media activity.
  • Service-oriented to achieving results.

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