About us / About us?

On the company

We are a multidisciplinary consultancy specializing in projects services Information Technology and Communication (ICTs) emphasizes the development of Internet businesses and implementation of strategies Marketing Digital , which focuses our experience.

We are in Santiago de Compostela where we meet the outsourcing needs of businesses and other organizations both locally and through the provision of services to remote or online, covering the provision of services throughout Spain and in the international arena.

Thanks to the experience, professionalism and good work of our team, we can advise and propose efficient solutions for our customers.

To offer our services and success of our customers, our team performs tasks of continuous training, experience linked to enable them to develop the necessary actions success in projecting your business.


Business lines

Our experience available to our customers in the sectors of Information Technology and Communication, Business Strategy, Marketing, especially on the Internet, using efficient techniques based on innovation. We highlight the following business lines:

  • Develop applications both desktop and mobile and Website . We use programming languages ​​that fit over each project, taking advantage of these benefits and available resources for effective and efficient solution.
  • We design and implement strategic marketing plans, especially Marketing Digital in which we specialize. Implement and carry out online marketing techniques offering services optimization and web positioning to search engines, SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM , Internet advertising, < strong> E-mail Marketing or develop communication strategies and Social Media .
  • We design, redesign or adapt the corporate image of our customers, always looking for a current picture, chord and that enhances the values ​​of each client. We design all types of corporate material.
  • We offer accommodation or web hosting . We do all you need to have an Internet presence, register domains and offer plans shared hosting and dedicated in data centers with the latest technologies, offering optimal technical conditions with connections redundant and constant monitoring.
  • plan, design, install and maintain networks and computer equipment to make the most of the IT infrastructure. We also do network and systems audits to verify the reliability, data integrity and security against attacks and intruders.
  • We are consultants in ICT , Internet specialists so we offer advisory services in all our areas of activity, we also offer advice to adapt online business to the law adapting websites to the LSSICE and Data Protection Act .
  • We train people , where our area of ​​higher added value. We provide quality training programs, aimed at consolidating the skills in areas of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) and Digital Marketing . To develop our training activities organized courses or offer the possibility to take concrete actions in-company training.

Our values

We are a young and dynamic group what characterizes us in the way we work and do, first of all value the personal, direct and familiar with our customers and suppliers. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, as part of their idea and business, helping in everything you need to succeed thanks to our experience and training.

  • We work together as a formula for success, each contributing the best of himself.
  • We believe in people, in knowledge, skills and experience they bring to the team as individuals.
  • We communicate sincerely and openly sharing information and knowledge constructively to tackle each project in the best possible way, always with candor and honesty.
  • We are committed to society, act responsibly respecting the environment and the environment, bringing our experience through community initiatives.
  • We act with integrity, keeping our professionalism and quality in the services we offer.