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Analyzing information

La auditoría tecnológica es una forma de identificar las principales exigencias, necesidades, debilidades y fortalezas de una empresa, institución u organización en el ámbito de sus sistemas de información y redes de comunicación. Con ella se obtienen cuáles son las principales necesidades del negocio y se pueden establecer que tecnologías son las apropiadas para satisfacer de manera óptima esas necesidades.

The Technology Audit is a good way to find out how they could optimize internal processes and procedures of the company through the proper use of technologies.

We conduct audits and reports on the technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of information systems, which are closely related to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information processed by computers and communication networks. Information and support systems that are valuable and important for companies and institutions active.

We analyze risks and corporate data services, to comply with all technical requirements while conform to the law that is required for each case.

Audit lines:

Among the services we can offer your company, institution, organization, etc. we can stand out:

  • Security audits on local networks.
  • Test of intrusion into computers and networks.
  • Risk analysis according MAGERIT and ISO 17799.
  • Analysis of applications and systems.
  • Compliance audit of the LOPD and LSSICE.
  • Forensics and incident reports.
Audit information systems

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