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Implementation of analytical

In any project or Internet website it is needed to measure the impact of actions and techniques that are being carried out. In order to measure and assess the impact of these arises Web Analytics. Although most websites have a system of analytical, often we find that this is misconfigured and offers distorted data, which can lead to making wrong and counterproductive for business decisions.

We evaluate your business, we sit down with your team to understand your business and identify their information needs and develop a plan for implementing appropriate metrics to help you make the right decisions. Additionally we solve your doubts or can provide the possibility of offering a training plan for you or your team to get the most out of web analytics.

We are experts in the implementation and use of the main tools of Web Analytics. We offer you the ability to configure your Google Analytics account standard or premium, as well as develop analytical systems as based on free software like Piwik.

web Analytics

Among our deployment options we can include:

  • Configuring micro-conversions and conversions according to the objectives.
  • Creating and configuring events, advanced integration with the web.
  • Specific configuration for e-Commerce, sales analysis.
  • Advanced segmentation of users and advanced segments.
  • Integration with Google Webmasters, Google Adwords or Google Adsense.
  • Automatic Reporting weekly, monthly or semi-annually.

Interpretation and analysis of data

As important as having a web analytics tool and have it configured correctly it is able to analyze and interpret the data that this provides. We offer the possibility to help you analyze and interpret their data, so you can understand what are the strategies and techniques that work or where they are having greater effect.

Thanks to our service can optimize their online strategies and take control of your digital image and obtain valuable data in decision-making.

  • Analysis of the overall performance of the website, to know the behavior of users on the web and project strategies to increase profitability objectives, studying aspects as the most valuable sources of traffic routes into the web, etc.
  • Process analysis or specific parts, such as the buying process, making analytics funnel or funnels through the collection of useful KPIs for your business.
  • Conversion analysis segmented by traffic sources, campaigns, geomarketing and any other measure of interest to your business.
  • Improve user experience thanks to the data collected from website analytics and improving the profitability of different digital marketing channels in customer acquisition.
  • Audits to ensure correct and optimal software installation measurement to base decisions on correct and necessary for the success of your business data.

CRO optimization of conversions

If you also want to go further and get more out of the Web Analytics offer digital marketing strategies to optimize their conversion rates (CRO), for example increase sales of your online store, thanks to the conversion of visitors into customers or loyalty of these.

To increase conversions offer a number of additional services such as:

  • Test A / B , is to make variations of the same page and analyze what gets acquire new customers.
  • Test Multivariable , changing the page content and design to analyze how customer conversion ratios increase.
  • Landing Page or landing pages for online marketing campaigns and advertising, improving conversions.
  • Improve the user experience (UX) and optimize your website pages designed to convert customers.

More information

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