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Mobile marketing

Currently Internet users increasingly use more usually to enter the mobile Internet. Also note that users of smartphones almost all use Internet daily, which is a great business opportunity for companies.

Especially worth underline the importance of user growth from the mobile and e-commerce specifically from these devices as either to complete purchases or as a supplementary means to the computer for consultation.

We help you to be present in the world around mobile technology through the development of strategies that allow us to be present especially for these users, adapting conventional digital marketing actions to use habits and consumption from mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

ASO positioning

We perform actions positioning applications with the aim of generating application downloads and get to reach more users. We work on major mobile app stores.

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Android
  • Windows Phone Store

We also help you monetize your application through future downloads or programs on-app advertising.

Mobile Advertising

We manage advertising campaigns specifically for mobile phones, optimizing campaigns to get the best results from these terminals.

Responsive web

We optimize your website to show adapted on mobile phones and tablets or develop your website specifically for mobile devices and tablets.

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